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IMG_20161218_145700.jpgThe living room of my hotel in Anguilla.
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A Year On The Road: Accommodation

A year on the road meant spending a lot of time in bunk beds, hotels, and even a few couches. Let’s take a look at some of the challenges and...

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Tips To Survive Hostel Life

Travelling means something different to everyone. Those of you who like to stay in hostels do so for many reasons: saving money, meeting new people, a prime location downtown or...

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The Worlds Worst Tourist

Half of this group is missing footwear. Visiting a country is like being a guest in someones home. You have to be respectful to your host and the home that...

wp-1486747844896.jpgSuriname Embassy
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Suriname Embassy in Georgetown, Guyana

Suriname Tourist Card I'm planning on making the trip to Suriname by land from Georgetown, Guyana. As such I will need to obtain a travel card before entering Suriname immigration. If...

businessman driving carbusinessman driving a car at night
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Globe-Trotting With Uber

Uber Logo Uber and other ride sharing services has lightened the load on travellers when it comes to getting from point A to point B. No more haggling with taxi drivers...

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Visiting The Brazil Embassy in Bogotá

I had to visit the Brazil Embassy in Bogotá to submit my Canadian passport for a tourist visa. The process was relatively painless, however some "lost in translation" instructions made...